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Pay Per Click Management

Full-service management from the people defining the industry

Brands need performance and insights at scale.Our teams-of-teams approach to PPC accounts, along with hiring 25% ahead of need, allows us to align our experts with our clients needs; including dedicating resources by geography and product category.


Having a structured approach—called “rTLS”—enables reliable testing and insights. No one will know your business as well as you do, but we’ll know it better than any other agency.


Why Choose us

  • Our clients gave us a Score of 100; because we deliver results and great client service
  • We can scale with your business because we hire 25% more experts than we need, today
  • 20% of our capacity is “unassigned,” so we quickly activate Pulse campaigns and troubleshoot critical problems
  • We manage PPC campaigns for over 100 clients—often for multi-business unit enterprises
  • FADD employees stay ahead of the industry through 100-150 hours of training per year
  • Clients work with experts in paid search, paid social, structured data, performance display and CRO
  • Director-level insights and Account Managers from the world’s most popular PPC resource (PPC Hero)
  • FADD has a stringent account review process to ensure flawless account execution
  • Brands never feel like they are the ones pushing us, because we are the people pushing the industry